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Part 1: Same-Sex Partnerships in Sub-Saharan Africa, a history

This is the first in a two part series in which we consider the health impact of criminalization of same-sex partnerships in Sub-Saharan Africa. The recent murder of an LGBTQ activist David Kato in Uganda, and the discussion by the … Continue reading

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Haiti, a Partners in Health Perspective

We’ve spoken before about reconstruction in Haiti post-earthquake, and the international players that continue to jockey for power in the country. On today’s episode of the HJRC, Riaz speaks with Partners in Health Advocacy and Policy Director, Donna Barry about … Continue reading

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Asbestos: Death, made in Canada

Asbestos, a group of minerals that became popular because of their tensile strength and usefulness in cement and road construction, is now a known cancer-causing agent. Despite this, the World Health Organization estimates that 125 million people world-wide remain exposed … Continue reading

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