Teens: are they really all that bad?

Are all members of our society regarded equally?

As much as we’d probably like to say yes, we know that various types of discrimination do still exist.  We usually associate discrimination with certain ethnic groups.  But what about age groups, including the elderly and adolescents?

Teenagers are often assumed to be naïve, self-centered, and prone to take risks.  The media portrays them as a group involved with crime, drugs and alcohol.  But are these fair representations?  Or are they simply assumptions that are helping to perpetuate the misunderstandings we have about adolescents?

In this episode of the Health Justice Radio Collective, Alison spoke with Dr. Jean Clinton, a child psychiatrist with Hamilton Health Sciences and a long-term advocate for children’s health.  She speaks about the dynamically developing adolescent brain, and why teenagers in particular need to be supported by our society as opposed to shunned.

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