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Hamilton’s Shelter Health Network

According to the report, “On Any Given Night: Measuring Homelessness in Hamilton”, published by the Social Planning and Research Council of Hamilton, the two major contributors to homelessness are the lack of adequate income and the lack of affordable housing. Families … Continue reading

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Childhood obesity in Canada: a spooky subject

Trick or Treat! On Halloween night, thousands of kids all across Canada dress up in costume, with empty bags and pillowcases in hand. They speed from house to house, collecting as many sugary treats as they can carry.   For kids, … Continue reading

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ODSP recipient, anti-poverty advocate: “The attitude that you must be ‘faking it’ is incredibly dehumanizing”

Earlier this month, the Hamilton Community Foundation released its annual Vital Signs report, a “community check-up…that measures the vitality of our communities and identifies significant trends in a range of areas critical to quality of life.” The report found, among … Continue reading

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So, friends, every day do something that won’t compute: know the land

Love the quick profit, the annual raise, vacation with pay. Want more of everything ready-made. Be afraid to know your neighbors and to die. And you will have a window in your head. Not even your future will be a … Continue reading

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Navigating the geography of illness

We’ve talked before about disparities in health close to home – in the city of Hamilton there is a 21-year life expectancy difference between two neighbouring communities, for example. On today’s episode of HJRC, we air segments from a recent … Continue reading

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A healthy move? The Hamilton Farmers’ Market Transitions

Vendors are set to move into Hamilton’s newly renovated Farmers’ Market on the 20th of January, but it hasn’t been an easy move. Controversy swirled late last year as several long term vendors had their application refused or termed incomplete. … Continue reading

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Med students urge province to Put Food in the Budget

In the province of Ontario, an individual living on social assistance receives 592$/month. This sum must cover the cost of food, rent, transportation and all other living expenses. Earlier this month, 20 McMaster medical students did the math and concluded … Continue reading

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